Fixing wrong BIOS Update of a Lenovo V510 Notebook

Joschua Schneider

# views1 min read29. Sep, 2020

What happened?

After updating the BIOS of an Lenovo V510-15IKB Laptop, I was stuck on a Black screen after the update finished.

I updated the BIOS from an unknown Version to Version 2WCN46WW and missed this notice:

If your BIOS version is lower than 2WCN42WW, please update to 2WCN42WW firstly.


After searching through dozens of old Forum Posts, I pieced together this key information:

  • The BIOS might not be corrupted
  • Completely draining the power might resolve the issue
  • Press the power button multiple times after disconnecting all power or leave it over night

Step by step instructions:

Please make sure not to damage your device or contact the Support or a Professional first.

  1. Disconnect the AC/Wall Power
  2. Open the Laptop (Tutorial + Disconnecting Battery)
  3. Disconnect the Battery
  4. Remove the CMOS Battery
  5. Repeatedly press the Power button for about 30-40 Seconds (or leave the device over night)
  6. Reassemble everything, plug in the Power and try to boot.

I tried this twice, but did not know about step 6 the first time. The second attempt including step 6 fixed the black screen and the Laptop booted into Windows.